Thursday, July 7, 2011

The begining of my Subject Delta cosplay

After a lot of though and possible way too much sugar, I have decided to make a BioShock's Delta costume with a latex mask for the helmet. It is going to be a very long road, Delta has a ton of detail and I am not very good with crafts. So far the plan is to craft the mask first, then the backpack, and finally I will work on the suit. I also plan on lighting most of the costume, at least the Health and EVE tanks will be lit, the mask I am not sure about.

I will warn all of you who read my blog now, DON'T run into the craft of latex mask making thinking it is all fun and games. It is a VERY expensive, time consuming, and messy craft. In the end you work is worth it, but masking making is not a simple hobby, once you get in you better be prepared.