Thursday, September 1, 2011

The hell begins!

Living with roommates in a AC controlled apartment is not good for oil based clay! The clay I am using response to heat which my apartment lacks in the summer so I have to use a warming lamp for now to sculpt Delta's head. I would have done it outside but I don't really know why I didn't...Huh, live and learn I guess.

I had hoped this job would be easy but I was wrong! Mask making is a very time consuming process which can not be rushed. Let's just say I lost several bust in the proccess of making this mask, but the closest images I have of what the bust looked like was:

There is a reason that there are so many different Delta Costumes out there, it is because DELTA IS PACKED WITH DETAILS!  I am not kidding, bolts, wing nuts, camera, air ports, lights, visor, the list goes on and on. I nearly killed myself making the plaster mold for this guy! The first mold was a bust and caused the original mask to be ruined beyond repair so I had to start a new. Finally I was able to get a working cast but luck on was not my side. You use Vaseline to make a thin layer to separate the two halves of the shells, it his pose to be hair line...Mine was an inch thick!

See that big gap? That is a mask making "no no", I used too much Vaseline and tried to repair it but I made it worse. At this point I wanted to put a gun to my head cause I literally had to DIG the face out of the plaster! I had to keep a heat lamp over the bust and slowly dig, scope, and pick out clay until it finally released but my mold was a shame...I guess it isn't bad for a first try though.

The mask is cast and painted, so stay tuned.

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